The Ending of Where’d You Go Bernadette

            After finishing Where’d You Go Bernadette, I would definitely give it a very positive review. At first when I picked up this book, I thought it would be awful (as you can see in my first review). I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the book was not terrible, but in fact great. Normally in books that piece together the story, and letters or emails, I get extremely confused and lost. This book was so neatly put together though that I had no trouble following along. It got a little slow in the middle when it was going over Bernadette’s life ten years before, so I tried to skim but it did not go well. I ended up having to go back and reread everything, which was not very fun. Besides that little chunk in the middle the book was great. It kept me interested, and I often found myself not putting it down for a long time.

            I really enjoyed the ending, because it was happy and sweet. Cliffhanger endings are horrendous and make me go insane. I was almost positive that this book was have one and was greatly relieved when it did not. The ending was good, because honestly I thought Bernadette died and they would never find her and never know what happened. It was also a sweet ending because it brought Elgie and Bee together and they went on a superb adventure. I am pretty positive I gave this book four stars on my goodreads and it deserves each one.

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My Favorite Character

My favorite character in Where’d You Go Bernadette was oddly enough, Audrey Griffin. She was an incredibly fascinating character that always brought lots of emotion and life to the book. Though most of her excitement was anger or trying to prove herself right, Audrey was quite the character.

            Audrey Griffin took great pride in herself and how she looked among the community, though she was always trying to “up her game”. Audrey always likes to be in charge and have people listen and do what she says. When she noticed Bernadette’s large bushes coming into her yard, Audrey immediately called a lawn professional and wanted them ripped out. Since Bernadette hates all the gnats like Audrey she agreed just to get her to stop complaining. Little did Audrey know that removing those plants would cause a huge problem.

            The funniest thing Audrey did however was pretend Bernadette ran over her foot. Out of all the strange ways to gain attention she had to pick getting her foot run over which clearly would not happen no matter how much the women hate each other. Audrey did not even say Bernadette accidently ran over her foot, she told everyone it was on purpose.

            Audrey Griffin caused so much trouble and got so mad all the time her character was just hilarious. Even when Audrey had evidence that she was wrong, she would stand by her ground until it was more than 100% clear that she was. Even then, she would try to correct herself and pretend she knew all along. This character is so bizarre but just amazing at the same time.

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I Heard a Fly Buzz – When I Died

“I Heard a Fly Buzz when I died” by Emily Dickinson is a very peculiar poem. It really makes you think and wonder what is going on and why she mentions a fly.

         The person in this poem is obviously dying and will not last must longer. We can tell this because she says the eyes around her have run out of tears and their breathing was ragged. She talks about her will and her possessions that have been signed away to loved ones. Then a fly “interposes” the scene. The fly is coming between her and the light, then all of the sudden she can no longer see which probably means she died.

         The fly could symbolize a lot of things. It could even not symbolize anything at all and just be a fly, which was the last thing she saw before she died. I believe however, that the fly was in a sense the light at the end of tunnel leading her to the after life. In the TV shows and movies people who are dying often say they see a bright light. This could be the same scenario except the tunnel in the middle of the light is actually dark. I am not insinuating that the darkness means hell or anything just that the bright light maybe is not that bright after all.

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This is Just to Say

            “This is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams is a very interesting poem. It is quite simple, short and has a little humor. This piece is more of a note than a poem and that is what makes it funny. Williams is basically just saying in this poem “Hey, I ate your plums. Sorry if you were saving them but they were very tasty.” I do not find this poem “powerful and moving” more just relatable. Nothing in this poem made me feel any strong emotions or think very deeply. Most people probably look at this poem and think, “really, that’s it?” but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I most definitely can relate to William Carlos Williams because plums are delicious and if I found one lying around the house I would certainly eat it. Of course after eating it, my brain would kick in and think about other people and maybe they wanted to eat my plum. I would then write a note probably very similar to his just letting people know I ate the plum and sorry if I stole their snack. This very may be my favorite poem I have read so far because I can truly connect to it.

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The Colonel

            I read Carolyn Forche’s “The Colonel” only because of the question that corresponds with it which asks if this bit of writing is indeed a poem. I personally do not know the “qualifications” to be a poem off the top of my head, if there are any at all. “The Colonel” to me, is more of a story or flashback. The writing is definitely someone retelling this experience they had with a scary sounding man. The man experiencing this is telling us what everyone was doing, the daughter was filing her nails and the son went out to town. He also described some of the features around the house. The house, from the little description we got, sounds like it could be run down a little bit but also has bars on the window to protect the family. However the family must be rich because they feasted on lamb, good wine, green mangoes and bread all served by the family’s maid. The family also owns a green parrot. The colonel leaves the room and comes back with a bag of ears and tells the man to have his men go bleep themselves.. The colonel is in a terrible mood and sweeps the ears onto the ground.

            This writing piece is definitely more of story than poem. The author makes this sound like a flashback or someone telling the story to us. “The Colonel” is a very interesting read but I would not classify it as a poem.

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Poem Q1

            William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130 have a similar theme; in each he is comparing his love’s beauty to nature. Sonnet 18 is more typical because Shakespeare is writing how this woman is more beautiful than nature, which a lot of people do when attempting to woo someone. Sonnet 130 however is more unembellished and down to the point.

            In Sonnet 18 the speaker is very over the top with his comparisons saying that she will never grow old and that death will never take her. Of course, this sonnet is very romantic, at the end when it says

“ When in eternal Lines to time thou grow’st

So long as mean can breathe or eyes can see

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.”

This woman’s beauty and the love she was given will live on as long as there are people to read Shakespeare’s Sonnet.

            In Sonnet 130, Shakespeare is saying that this woman is incredibly beautiful but not necessarily more than nature. He says that music is more beautiful than her voice and coral is redder than her lips. The woman is not as mystical and pretty as nature but she does not need to be more beautiful than nature to be considered beautiful. This Sonnet is almost challenging other people who go over the top with their comparisons by being so realistic and simple.

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Where’d You Go Bernadette Movie Question

Where’d You Go Bernadette would be a fantastic movie. However, I think it would be impossibly hard to cast the roles. You need to find someone crazy enough to play Bernadette, and someone complex enough to play Audrey. I recently read that there may be a movie in the making soon for this book but it’s very likely just a rumor.

            If I were to cast this movie, first of all my head might explode from all the options, but I have some good ideas. The part of Elgie seems to be the easiest to cast so I am thinking Topher Grace would fit that role great. Topher just looks like he could fit the part. Although I have not seen him act in anything other than That 70’s Show I still think he would be good.

            Bee would be a little trickier. Genevieve Hannelius looks how I would imagine Bee but I do not know if she could pull off the acting ok. Maybe it would be best to get a new face to play Bee, or maybe a young girl less known than Genevieve.

            The part of Audrey seems to be the hardest for me. There are so many amazing people out there to play her it is impossible to choose. The actresses who I think look like Audrey (in my mind) are Jessica Biel, and Lauren Graham. I have seen Lauren in countless movies and television shows and I think she is great. Jessica on the other hand, I have not seen anything she has been in or voiced. I picked her merely for her looks.

            Melissa Rauch in my mind would be an amazing Bernadette. Coincidently her character on the Big Bang Theory is also named Bernadette. Though that is not why I chose her. Melissa looks like how I would imagine Bernadette, blonde hair and small. Melissa is a very good actress and could really pull of the part of Bernadette well. On the Big Bang Theory Melissa changes her voice and even does great impressions of other characters. She can be mean, funny, sassy, and even a little crazy at times which further supports her role of Bernadette in the movie.

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